Pastel Impressions Cake

Pastel Impressions Cake

Strong texture meets whisper-soft color on a cake that's right for Mother's Day or any occasion. Create the stucco-like texture by pulling your spatula in short strokes over the thickly-iced sides. Use Color Right Performance Color System to tint the gentle purple shade, then stripe your bag to make the variegated flower bouquet.
  • AmountCake serves 20.


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  1. Icing Color Tinted

    Use Color Right base color and QuickCount color formula to tint icing in the following shade:

    \t \t

    -- Winter Purple (formula 2716): 2 cups icing + 2 B + 3 P

  2. Make layered cakes. Bake and cool two 8 in. cake layers.
  3. Prepare icing. Tint 2 cups icing purple. Reserve remaining white.
  4. Prepare cakes. Level, fill and stack cakes on same-size cake circle for a 2-layer cake, 6 in. high. Place cake on turntable.
  5. Ice cakes. Use spatula and white icing to ice cake sides smooth, 1/2 in. thick and top with a slightly swirled texture. Use a disposable decorating bag cut with a 3/8 in. opening and purple icing to pipe random lines, about 3 in. long, around cake sides; reserve remaining icing in bag. Use spatula to smooth and blend colors together on cake sides.
  6. Add texture to cake sides. Place cake on inverted 8 in. cake pan to raise above work surface. Starting on top edge of cake, place edge of spatula slightly below edge of cake and pull downward, making a groove about 1 1/2 in. long. Repeat, making a row of grooves around cake sides. Repeat the design, alternating position of grooves on rows below.
  7. Make accent flowers. Move cake to cake pedestal. Using a cut decorating bag and purple icing, pipe a mound, about 2 in. high x 3 in. wide. Prepare a decorating bag with tip 2D, stripe with white icing and fill with purple icing. Cover mound with tip 2D swirl drop flowers.


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