Pastel Macaron Cake

Pastel Macaron Cake

Make your cake even sweeter by covering it with colorful pastel macarons and festive egg-shaped candy-coated chocolates. This Pastel Macaron Cake is a lovely, eye-catching way to finish your next Easter dinner, help celebrate a spring birthday or as a delicious and decorative dessert to share at a bridal or baby shower!
  • Prep2 hr 15 min
  • Total Time6 hr 30 min
  • Skill LevelAdvanced
    Amount12 servings


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  1. Make the macarons. Prepare macaron batter following the recipe instructions. Divide the batter into thirds.

    Using Color Right concentrated food coloring, tint one portion batter each blue, pink and green following the following color combinations:

    • Blue – 2B + 1P
    • Pink – 1P
    • Green – 2B + 1Y

    Fill tip 2A decorating bags, separately, with blue, pink and green batter.

    On a cookie sheet prepared with parchment paper, pipe 40 (1½ in.) cookies in each color. Bake and cool to room temperature following the macaron recipe instructions.

  2. Splatter the macarons and candy. Arrange cooled macarons and candy-coated chocolate eggs on parchment paper. Using Brown Color Right concentrated food coloring and a decorating brush, gently splatter the macarons and candy eggs. If desired, food-safe gloves can be used to protect your hands for this step. Set splattered macarons and candy aside to dry.
  3. Assemble the macarons. Fill a tip 2A decorating bag with creamy white decorator icing. Pipe a thin amount of icing on half of macarons; then assemble them into sandwiches with the remaining macarons.
  4. Bake the cake. Prepare the cake mix of your choice by following the recipe instructions. Bake and cool two 6 in. cake layers.

    Trim both layers so they are 2 ½ inches high.

    Level, fill and stack the two layers so that the cake is a total of 5 inches high. Ice the assembled cake smooth, using creamy white decorator icing and a spatula.

  5. Decorate the cake. Lightly press macarons into the side of the cake, alternating colors.

    When done, use a decorating bag with tip 1M and creamy white decorator icing to pipe swirls around the top of cake.

    Then, position the candy-coated chocolate eggs, alternating colors, on top of the swirls.


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