How to Pipe Buttercream Tulips

How to Pipe Buttercream Tulips

Make your cake and cupcakes bloom with beautiful buttercream tulips. Made by overlapping small petals, these buttercream flowers may look challenging, but they're really quite simple! Layer and mix icing colors to give your flowers a more realistic look, or use varying shades of the same color to make flowers that really stand out!
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  1. Base.

    Attach a flower square to the flower nail with a dot of icing.

    Pipe a small, flat mound of icing onto nail, about 1.59 cm (5/8 in.) wide and 1.27 cm (1/2 in.) high.

  2. Stamens.

    Switch to tip 3. Pipe one pull-out dot in center, at least 1.9 cm (3/4 in.) high. Pipe six slightly shorter pull-out dots around center.

  3. Petals.

    Switch to bag with tip 123 or 104. Hold bag with wide end of curved tip touching base and the narrow end tilted slightly inward.

    While squeezing, turn nail 1/3 around while moving hand up and down to form petal.

    Repeat two more times for a total of three petals.

  4. Second Row of Petals.

    Starting at the center of one of the first-row petals, repeat the same technique as first row piping 3 petals.

    Remove flower from nail to dry.


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