How to Pipe a Buttercream Bow

How to Pipe a Buttercream Bow

A pretty buttercream bow is the perfect way to add a finishing touch to your dessert. Made using a standard round tip, this buttercream bow is first piped using a figure-8 motion, then streamers are added for a finished look.
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  1. Prepare buttercream following recipe instructions.
  2. Prepare decorating bag with tip 3. Fill half full or less with buttercream.
  3. Hold bag at a slight angle (45 degrees), with back of back pointing towards you and end of tip touching surface.
  4. Starting at center point of bow, squeeze bag, moving tip up and around to the left and back to the starting point, forming first loop.
  5. Continue around, making a second loop on the right. The two loops should form a figure-8 shape.
  6. To add a bow knot, pipe a dot in the center of the bow.
  7. While holding the bag in the same position, return to the center of the bow and squeeze bag to form streamer, moving tip away from bow, then release. Repeat for second streamer.
  8. For wavy streamers, move the decorating bag back and forth while piping the streamer.


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