How to Pipe a Buttercream English Rose

How to Pipe a Buttercream English Rose

Whether you want to create a full bouquet or you just want to add a simple finishing touch, learn how to make this buttercream English Rose for a beautiful addition to any cake.


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  1. Using tip 12, pipe a mound of icing about 1 in. across and a ½ in high.
  2. Using bag with tip 150, hold tip opening vertical to the flower nail, with the longer end of the tip down.
  3. Pipe a ribbon petal going from the center of the mound out towards the edge of the mound and back, forming a tight loop.
  4. Pipe 5 to 6 more loops.
  5. Repeat for 2 more rows, for a total of 3 rows.
  6. Touch tip slightly behind bottom of center petal from previous row. Angle the top of the tip slightly outward. Turn nail to form 1 in. petal. Repeat petals, starting in the middle of previous petal. Repeat around mound.
  7. Make 2 to 3 rows to desired size.


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