How to Pipe a Star Buttercream Wreath

How to Pipe a Star Buttercream Wreath

Use multiple shades of green icing and different sized star tips to pipe a merry wreath on your gingerbread house. Add a festive bow and ornaments in your favorited colors!
  • Skill LevelBeginner


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  1. Using a small round cookie cutter (C or D from the Double-Sided Round Cut-out Set) and a FoodWriter, draw a circle pattern on the front of the house near the center peak.
  2. Using different sized star tips and shades of green icing, hold the bag against the front panel of the gingerbread house, with the tip just slightly above the surface. Squeeze the bag to form a star.
  3. Stop squeezing before pulling the tip away.
  4. Pipe stars around the circle to create the shape of a wreath. Use light pressure to form a small star; add more pressure to make a bigger star.
  5. Using smaller star tips, fill in gaps inside and outside the wreath to create a full look.
  6. Using a round tip 5, add a bow to the top of the wreath by piping two beads with the tails meeting each other in the center.
  7. Finish the bow by piping a dot over the center where the bead tails meet.


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