How to Pipe a Fleur De Lis

How to Pipe a Fleur De Lis

The fleur de lis is a decorative design made up of three petals that are bound together at the base. The iconic symbol formerly represented the French coat of arms. Today it is synonymous with anything French. In French, “fleur” means flower and “lis” means lily. It’s an impressive, easy to pipe decoration for the side of a cake or piped larger on top of a cake or cupcakes.
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  1. Prepare buttercream following recipe instructions.
  2. Prepare decorating bag with tip 2. Fill half full with medium consistency buttercream.
  3. Hold bag at 45-degree angle with the back of the bag facing you and the tip slightly above the surface. Pipe a basic shell with an elongated tail to form center.
  4. Keeping the bag at an angle, pipe a reverse shell to the left of the center shell, joining the tail of the center shell.
  5. Repeat, piping a reverse shell to the right side of the center shell, joining all the tails.


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