How to Pipe Cornelli Lace

How to Pipe Cornelli Lace

The random lacy design of this free-form technique depends on the continuous curving lines that do not overlap or touch. Can be used in a small design area or on an entire cake surface. Good for wedding, anniversary and other formal event cakes, but lends itself to more casual themes, as well.


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  1. Fit decorating bag with round decorating tip 2 and fill no more than 1/4 full with thin consistency icing.
  2. Hold the bag at a 90? angle, with tip slightly above the surface so that icing attaches without scraping the cake with the tip or flattening the icing lines.
  3. Starting at the edge of the area being filled in, pipe a continuous curving line of icing, curving it up, down and around until the area is covered and you?ve reached an edge of the area. Make certain curving lines never touch or cross.
  4. Stop pressure; pull tip away.
  5. Hints: Pipe one continuous curving line of icing, bringing the end to an outside edge; don't leave any loose ends.

    Try to avoid a visible pattern of lines. Change directions often.

    Trim the edges of the Cornelli lace design, or the top and bottom of the cake being covered in Cornelli lace, with a piped border.

    Use round decorating tip 1 for a more delicate look.


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