How to Pipe Icing Leaves

How to Pipe Icing Leaves

Make a simple, versatile leaf to add realistic details to flowers. Leaf tips can also be used to make simple flowers, such as sunflowers.
  • Skill LevelBeginner


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  1. Leaves add extra details to flower arrangements, and they don?t always have to be green! Leaves can be piped in different colors and lengths, creating different effects.

    Icing Consistency: Medium

  2. On a flower nail or a flat surface, hold a decorating bag fitted with tip 352 at a slight upward angle from the surface. The two points of the tip must be vertical (so that it looks like an open beak).
  3. Squeeze hard to form the base of the leaf.
  4. As you squeeze, slowly pull the tip slightly upward (this will give the leaf a little lift).
  5. Relax pressure as you pull away to form a leaf point. Stop squeezing before pulling tip away.


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