Fleur de Lis Vase Cake

Fleur de Lis Vase Cake

This Fleur de Lis Vase Cake is a blooming treat that’s perfect for any occasion. Decorated using the fleur de lis technique and topped with drop flowers made with royal icing, this cake also features fun swags for a classic look that never gets old! With plenty of room on top for candles or a personalized message, this cake is great for birthdays, showers or any celebration
  • Prep12 hr
  • Total Time13 hr 30 min
  • Skill LevelBeginner
    Amount18 servings


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  1. One day in advance pipe flowers. Prepare royal icing following recipe instructions. Tint ½ cup icing coral using color combination provided.

    Prepare decorating bag with coupler, coral icing and tip 224. On waxed paper-covered board, pipe 24 to 30 drop flowers (each fleur de lis takes 6 flowers, but we suggest piping a few extra in case of breakage).

    Switch to tip 3; pipe dot centers. Let all flowers dry overnight.

  2. Bake cake.Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool two 6 in. cake layers. Trim each layer to 2 ½ in. high.
  3. Tint icing.Combine Creamy Peach and Pink icing colors to get coral color shown.

    Using Teal icing color, tint 3 cups buttercream teal. Reserve remaining icing white.

    Using white icing, fill and stack cake layers for 5 in. high cake. Ice top of cake smooth.

    Using teal icing, ice sides of cake smooth.

    Reserve remaining teal icing.

  4. Decorate cake.Using toothpick, divide cake into 4ths, marking sides of cake lightly with small dot (this is where the fleur de lis vase will go). Prepare decorating bag with coupler, teal icing and tip 32.

    Position tip slightly lower than mark on cake and pipe fleur de lis.

    Position 6 drop flowers on center shell.

    Position 6 drop flowers on center shell.

    Switch teal bag to tip 3; pipe pullout dots for leaves.

    Repeat around cake for a total of 4 fleur de lis vases.

    Still using tip 3 and teal bag, pipe double strings in between fleur de lis vases, starting with bottom string first.

    Switch to tip 18; pipe swag around bottom of cake, about 2½ in. wide.


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