Edible Cake Paint Cake

Edible Cake Paint Cake

Blue, teal and white splashes of icing combined with glints of gold cake paint turn this towering white cake into a true work of art.
  • Skill LevelBeginner


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  1. Make layered cakes. Prepare batter following recipe directions. Bake and cool four 8 in. cake layers. Level layers to 2 in. high.
  2. Prepare Icing. Combine Decorator icing with Tub icing. Divide icing into portions: 7 cups white, ¼ cup white, and four ¼ cup portions. Tint ¼ cup portions each royal blue, sky blue, teal, light teal.
  3. Decorate cake. Use small spatula to dab icing colors on sides of cake. Use large spatula to swipe up and down on sides of cake to spread icing. Use decorating brush and gold cake paint to add touches of gold.


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