How to Pipe Forget-Me-Not Flowers

How to Pipe Forget-Me-Not Flowers

As the name implies, Forget-Me-Nots will leave a lasting impression when used to decorate cakes or accent small treats, like petit fours or mini cupcakes. This flower is about half the size of a dime and grows naturally in shades of blue, pink and white, but you can pipe them in any color you'd like! Usually made using royal icing so they dry hard, these flowers are dainty, sweet and truly unforgettable!
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  1. Prepare decorating bag with tip 101 and medium consistency royal icing.
  2. Attach icing square to flower nail with a dot of icing.
  3. Hold decorating bag at a slight 45-degree angle to the right (3:00) or the left (9:00) for left-handed decorators. The wide end of the tip should lightly touch the center of the nail and the narrow end should be pointed out and angled about 1/8 in. above the nail surface.
  4. Using consistent pressure, move the tip away from the center, about 1/16 to 1/8 in., then back as you turn the nail 1/5 turn. Relax pressure as you move back to the center of the nail, allowing the turn of the nail to form the first petal. Stop squeezing; pull away.
  5. Start the second petal with the wide end of the tip lightly touching the center of the nail. The narrow end should be slightly upward and next to the previous petal. Pipe petal as before.
  6. Repeat to form the remaining three petals, for a total of five. The center of the third petal should be positioned halfway around the flower nail base.
  7. Prepare a decorating bag with tip 1 and a contrasting color of thin consistency icing. Hold the bag straight up (90° angle), slightly above the center of the flower petals. Pipe a center dot.
  8. Remove the flower from the nail on the icing square. Let dry, 4 to 8 hours or overnight.


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