How to Pipe Swirl Drop Flowers

How to Pipe Swirl Drop Flowers

Made by adding a simple twist motion, swirl drop flowers have petals with a bit more flair and dimension, leading to open-looking Blossoms.
  • Skill LevelBeginner


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  1. Using a decorating bag fitted with a drop flower tip, hold the bag straight up, but bend your wrist inward.
  2. With the tip just touching the surface, squeeze out icing.
  3. As you squeeze, turn your wrist outward.
  4. Stop squeezing before pulling tip away. Pipe a center if desired using tip 2, 8 or 18.
  5. Hint: Using different tips will create different flower effects. Tip 1G is perfect for making simple daisies, whereas tip 2F creates petals with interesting dimensions.


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