How to Pipe a Lilac Flower

How to Pipe a Lilac Flower

Nothing says spring like lilacs! Pipe life-like, tiny lilac blossoms in royal icing and attach them in clusters over an elongated shell-shaped base. Crown the top of a cake with a branch of lilacs or make delicately decorated lilac cupcakes. They’ll be the perfect centerpiece for your next spring shower or brunch.
  • Skill LevelIntermediate


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  1. Fit a decorating bag with petal tip 59 filled no more than ½ full of medium consistency royal icing.
  2. Attach a waxed paper square to a flower nail, then pipe four tiny rounded petals using the petal tip flower method. Pipe several 4-petal flowers for each lilac cluster. Let them dry thoroughly.
  3. Using buttercream icing, make a base for the lilac cluster on your cake or treat. Pipe a tip 32 elongated shell. The tail/tip of the shell will be the top of the lilac cluster. You can over pipe on the shell for more dimension when making a larger cluster.
  4. Attach dry petals to the shell with dots of icing, covering completely, forming a lilac cluster of flowers.
  5. Using tip 352, pipe leaves at the top of the cluster of flowers.
  6. Using a round tip 2, pipe stems on either side of the cluster to connect additional clusters of flowers.


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