How to Pipe Dots

How to Pipe Dots

Perfect for classic borders or cloudlike decorations, dots are a versatile technique that can be piped in a range of sizes. The dot technique can be used as a simple border for cakes and cookies, as well as for icing cupcakes or piping meringues.


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  1. Using a decorating bag fitted with a round tip and medium consistency icing, hold the bag straight up, with the tip just slightly above the surface.
  2. Squeeze the bag to form a dot. As the icing begins to build up, raise the tip with it while keeping the tip point slightly buried in the icing.
  3. Stop squeezing and pull the tip up slightly, but not away from the icing. With a circular motion, use the end of the tip to scrape the point on top of the dot.
  4. To create a pull-out dot, form the dot, then continue squeezing and pull tip up and away. Decrease pressure as you reach the desired length.

    To smooth icing: After piping, pat smooth using finger dipped in cornstarch.


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