Golden Deco Wedding Cake

Golden Deco Wedding Cake

The glamour is back! Gum paste panels on diamond-shaped cakes shine a spotlight on your opulent reception. Glittering highlights are painted with a gold Pearl Dust/lemon extract mixture.
  • AmountCake serves 98.


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  1. Cut side and top panels four days in advance. Use 20 in. fondant roller with orange guide rings to roll out gum paste 1/8 in. thick (reroll gum paste as needed for cutting panels). Use fondant trimmer and small side panel pattern to cut two complete panels for small cake (reverse one for opposite side). Repeat to cut two complete panels each for medium and large cakes, using medium pattern for medium cake and large pattern for large cake (reverse one for opposite side). For dimension on each panel, cut bottom sections marked A-B-C on pattern as one piece. Cut a second A-B-C section. Cut two reverse A-B-C sections for opposite side. Also, cut two separate C sections (reverse one for opposite side). Use damp brush to attach A-B-C sections, then C sections, to panels. For top panel, use fondant trimmer and top panel pattern to cut one complete panel. For dimension, cut a second complete panel, then trim off A and B sections marked on pattern. Also, cut a separate C section. Use damp brush to attach dimensional sections to panel. Let all pieces dry 24 hours on cornstarch-dusted boards.
  2. Decorate panels three days in advance. Prepare royal icing following recipe directions. Use tip 2 and royal icing to pipe three lines on each top, center and bottom sections of side panels, 1/4 in. apart at widest point. Repeat for top panel on center and two inside sections. Let dry 4 hours. Use brush and gold Pearl Dust/lemon extract mixture to paint outlined sections of each panel. Let dry 3 hours.
  3. Attach two cookie sticks to top panel two days in advance. Prepare thinned fondant adhesive following recipe directions. Use brush and thinned fondant adhesive to attach cookie sticks to back of top panel, leaving 4 in. extending at bottom to insert in cake. Let dry 3 to 5 minutes.
  4. Prepare base board two days in advance. Use knife and largest pan as a guide to cut foamcore board 3/4 in. wider than pan on all sides. Brush board with piping gel. Use 20 in. fondant roller with orange guide rings to roll out fondant 1/8 in. thick. Cover cake board with fondant.
  5. Make cakes one day in advance. Bake and cool small, medium and large diamond cakes. Cakes are two layers, 4 in. high. Prepare cakes for stacked construction.
  6. Cover cakes. Prepare buttercream icing following recipe directions. Prepare and cover cake with rolled fondant.
  7. Assemble cakes. Stack cakes on prepared board, positioning point forward. Use tip 2 and dots of buttercream icing to attach side panels to cakes. Insert top panel. +The smallest tier is often saved for the first anniversary. The number of servings given does not include the smallest tier.


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