Elegant Wedding Dress Cake

Elegant Wedding Dress Cake

Make a cake the bride is sure to love with this Elegant Wedding Dress Cake. Embellished with pearlized jimmies and Sugar Pearls, this stunning wedding cake looks like it's straight off the runway. A wonderful treat for a bridal shower or a fun dessert the bridal party can share, this wedding dress cake is one that's sure to be cherished and remembered for years to come.


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  1. One day in advance, bake cake. Prepare batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool cake in Wonder Mold pan.
  2. Also one day in advance, prep doll topper. Remove head and arms from doll topper. Using scissors, cut off arm pegs.

    Roll out black fondant into 4 in. x 5 in. square. Using decorator brush, cover body with piping gel. Cover body with rolled out black fondant, trimming as needed. Shape fondant with fingers to fit body shape.

    Roll out white fondant into 2 in. x 5 in. rectangle. Position over black fondant to form bodice of dress. Lightly press to adhere. Using fingers, mold and form white fondant to shape bodice. Set doll topper aside.

  3. Ice cake. Trim cake board to 9 in. Center cake on board. Position doll topper in top of cake, using fondant to build up waist of dress. Smooth fondant to conform to cake shape; remove doll topper.

    Prepare 16 in. decorating bag with tip 789 and white icing. Pipe vertical lines from top to bottom of cake until covered. Using 13 in. spatula, smooth out icing. Using 9 in. spatula, make vertical lines in icing to create folds of dress.

  4. Decorate cake. Move cake to foil-covered cake board. Insert doll topper back into cake; smoothing icing around waist. Place white jimmies in a small bowl; sprinkle with Pearl Dust. Lightly toss and swirl to coat. Repeat in separate bowl with white Sugar Pearls.

    Prepare 12 in. disposable decorating bag with tip 1 and white icing. Pipe 3 to 5-petal flowers and leaves around bottom of dress, arranging in clusters of 3 to 5 flowers. Repeat on bodice, bringing flowers and leaves down to a point on the front and sides of the dress, and extending the flowers 3 in. down the back of the dress. Reserve remaining icing in bag for later step.

    Using tweezers, randomly position jimmies and pearls between flower clusters on bottom, top and bodice of dress.

    Using reserved icing in tip 1 bag, pipe small line around neck of doll topper. Using tweezers, add Sugar Pearls to make necklace.


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