FoodWriter®  Easter Eggs

FoodWriter® Easter Eggs

Don't just color your Easter eggs--customize the design with Wilton FoodWriter® edible color markers! These food-safe markers are available in neon and primary color sets that give you the variety you need to bring eggs out of their shells!
  • AmountEach egg serves 1.


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  1. Mega Petal Flower Eggs

    Draw flower center. Use blue or pink FoodWriter® edible color marker to draw a dot on side of egg in center.

    Draw petals. Use blue or pink marker to draw six petals around the center. Continue drawing rows of six petals, increasing the width for each row to cover side of egg.

    Draw highlights. Use purple or pink marker to draw a line in each petal.

    Display and enjoy!

  2. Doily Eggs

    Draw flower. Use blue or purple FoodWriter® edible color marker to outline and fill in an eight-petal flower, about 1/2 in. dia., at the top point of egg. Draw dots around flower.

    Draw scallops. Use same color marker to outline an eight-petal flower around the first flower at top of egg. Repeat with two more outlined flowers around the first, starting each petal at the top center of petals on the previous flower.

    Draw details. Use same color marker to draw lines between the first and second outlined flowers. Draw dots inside the second and third outlined flowers. Draw scallops outside the third flower.

    Repeat design on opposite side of egg.

  3. Multi-Flower Eggs

    Draw flowers. Use pink or purple FoodWriter edible color marker to outline several five-petal flowers randomly around egg. Use blue edible color marker to fill in flowers.

    Draw outlines surrounding petals. Use pink or purple marker to outline flower shape around main flower.


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