Doodled Easter Eggs

Doodled Easter Eggs

Zendoodles, patterned doodling that sometimes provides a meditative state of mind, are showing up everywhere, so why not on your Easter eggs?! Use our FoodWriter edible color markers as your doodling tool. Not only do you end up with one-of-a-kind eggs for Easter, but the doodling can calm your mind and bring you peace and focus.
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  1. Make overlapping scallop pattern. Use black edible color marker to draw a bulls-eye near top end of egg as a starting point. Working your way down the egg, draw overlapping scallops toward the bottom of the egg. Inside the scallops, draw a two-line scallop and fill with small lattice lines.
  2. Make flower pattern. Use black edible color marker to draw several five- or six-petal flowers, randomly arranged on the egg. Add a second line inside the petals and small lines coming out from center. Draw small lattice lines between the two petal lines. Draw connectors between flowers, adding lattice lines, scalloped edges and dots as desired to fill area between flowers.
  3. Make crackle pattern. Use black edible color marker to draw circles on egg, adding designs in center and along inner edge of circles. Draw small crackly lines between the circles.

    Let designs dry, about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

    Note: If storing eggs in refrigerator, let condensation or moisture on eggs dry completely before touching to avoid smearing.


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