Dogwood Blossom Cake

Dogwood Blossom Cake

Dogwood floral blooms show their true elegance encircled on top of this cake. It is the perfect dessert to celebrate every day, and fancy enough for birthdays, showers, and special occasions.
  • Skill LevelIntermediate


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  1. Bake Cake. Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool two cake layers. Trim to 2 ½ in high each. Fill and stack cake layers for a 5 in. tall cake.
  2. Prepare Royal Icing. Tint a portion pink and a portion moss green, reserve some white. Use a spatula to stripe bag fitted with tip 104 with pink icing; fill bag with white icing. Fill two bags with moss green icing; one with tip 2 and one with tip 352.
  3. Make Flowers. Make 10-12 dogwood flowers. Make 15 leaves. Cover flower nail with waxed paper square. Use decorating bag with tip 104 to pipe four petals. Use green icing and tip 2 to fill flower center with a cluster of dots. Remove from nail and place on wave flower former. Pipe tip 352 leaves on waxed paper covered cake board. Let all dry.
  4. Prepare Buttercream Icing Use spatula to ice cake top and sides smooth with white buttercream icing. Mark sides of cake on an angle using edge of spatula.
  5. Decorate Cake Position flowers and leaves on top border of cake with dots of icing.


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