How to Pipe a Dogwood

How to Pipe a Dogwood

Dogwood floral blooms show their true elegance encircled on top of this cake. It is the perfect dessert to celebrate every day, and fancy enough for birthdays, showers, and special occasions.
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  1. Tint medium consistency icing with the petal color and a small amount of icing with the flower center color.
  2. Fit one Decorating Bag with the petal decorating tip 104 and fill no more than 1/4 full of petal colored icing. Fit a second Decorating Bag with a round decorating tip 2 and fill no more than 1/4 full of the center colored icing.
  3. Using a dot of icing, attach a Pre-Cut Icing Flower Making Square to the Flower Nail.
  4. Hold the Decorating Bag fitted with tip 104 at a slight angle (45°), with the wide end of the tip lightly touching the center of the nail; the narrow end is pointing out and angled 1/4 in. (6 mm) above the nail surface.
  5. Using consistent pressure, move the tip away from the center. Use a curve-dip-curve motion as you turn the nail 1/4 turn, letting the spin of the nail form the heart-shaped petal.
  6. Relax pressure as you move the tip back to the starting point to form the first petal. Stop squeezing and pull the tip away.
  7. Repeat to form the remaining three petals evenly positioned around the nail. The flower will be the size of the entire Flower Nail.
  8. Using tip 2 and the center colored icing, hold the bag straight up (90°). Pipe a cluster of dots in the center of the flower.


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