Pink Blossom Bouquet Cake

Pink Blossom Bouquet Cake

A floral topper adds an elegant touch to this springtime cake. Use the Gum Paste Flower Cutter Set to craft these delicate flowers with ready-to-use Gum Paste. Wilton classes will guide you in the fine art of flower making.
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  1. Make gum paste flowers 1 day in advance. Tint 6 oz. gum paste medium pink and 2 oz. light pink. Use fondant roller with pink guide rings to roll out medium and light pink gum paste, separately, 1/16 in. thick. Use tools and instructions from Gum Paste Flower Cutter Set, and medium pink gum paste to make three briar roses without yellow thread stamens, seven large blossoms and five small blossoms. Use tools and instructions from flower cutter set, and light pink gum paste to make five stephanotis.

    Prepare gum glue adhesive following recipe directions. Use brush and gum glue adhesive to attach pearl flower stamens to briar roses. Use brush and gum glue adhesive to attach Sugar Pearls to stephanotis and large and small blossoms. Let all flowers dry overnight in flower forming cups.

    Combine orchid pink, yellow and white Pearl Dust edible accents. Use brush and Pearl Dust mixture to dust flowers.

  2. Make layered cake. Prepare batter following recipe directions. Bake and cool two 6 in. cakes. Prepare buttercream icing following recipe directions. Tint buttercream icing light green. Prepare, fill and stack 6 in. cakes for 2-layer cake, 5 in. high. Place cake on cake circle. Use spatula and icing to ice cake, running edge of spatula against icing to create texture on cake top and sides.
  3. Decorate cake. Use gum glue adhesive to attach 1/8 in. gum paste balls to backs of two large blossoms. Insert 22-gauge wire in base. Use tape from set to tape together two large blossoms and two stephanotis. Use gum paste to make three balls for briar rose bases, 1 in. high, 3/4 in. high and 1/3 in. high and 1/2 in. wide at bottom. Use brush and gum glue adhesive to attach briar roses to bases. Position on cake top. Use gum paste to make a 1 in. ball. Place gum paste ball behind briar roses. Insert blossom and stephanotis stems into ball.

    Use tip 3, cut disposable decorating bag and green icing to attach remaining blossoms to cake.


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