Color Swirl Meringue Cookies

Color Swirl Meringue Cookies

Learn how to make colorful meringue cookies with this Tri-Color Meringue Cookies project. Meringue cookies are great for holidays, birthdays and more, and you can mix and match colors using the Color Right Performance Color System to best suit your occasion. Easy to make and fun to eat, this easy meringue recipe is sure to be a family favorite!
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  1. Prepare meringue batter. Prepare three separate batches meringue batter. Tint batches separately following combinations provided.

    Use Color Right base colors and QuickCount color formulas to tint meringue batter in the following shades:

    • Pink: 1 batter recipe + 1P
    • Green: 1 batter recipe + 1B +1Y

    Reserve remaining batter white.

  2. Bake cookies. Prepare decorating bags with couplers. Fill separately with tinted and white batter. Assemble 3-Color Coupler with tip 1M. Pipe stars on parchment-lined cookie sheet. Switch to tip 1A; pipe pulled up dots on prepared cookie sheet. Bake following recipe instructions.

    Makes about 4 dozen cookies.


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