Candy Art Cupcakes

Candy Art Cupcakes

Cupcakes decorated with candy shards look springtime spectacular! Make them extra special using Wilton Limited Edition Vanilla Custard Candy Melts® candy.
  • Amount24 Cupcakes


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  1. NEEDED: See the Supply List for items you can purchase here. You will also need:
    • Your favorite cupcake recipe or mix - 4 1/2 cups batter for 24 cupcakes
  2. Icing Colors to be Tinted. Use Color Right base colors and QuickCount™ color formulas to tint icing in the following shades:
    • Pastel Pink: 2 cups white icing + 1 P
    • Pastel Yellow: 2 cups white icing + 1 Y
    • Pastel Blue: 2 cups white icing + 1 B + 1 P
  3. Make candy pieces. Melt Candy Melts candy according to package directions. Pour melted candy into jelly roll pan.

    Spread into a thin even layer, about 1/8 in. thick. Chill until firm, about 15 minutes. Unmold candy onto parchment paper. Break into uneven pieces.

  4. Bake and cool cupcakes. Use your favorite cupcake recipe or mix to make 24 cupcakes.
  5. Prepare icing. Tint icing following color formulas above.
  6. Prepare decorating bags. Fit tip 1M in a disposable decorating bag with pink icing, tip 4B with yellow icing and tip 21 with blue icing.
  7. Ice cupcakes. Pipe tip 1M, tip 4B or a tip 21 star in center of cupcake. In a different color icing, pipe two outlines, one on top of the other, around the star.
  8. Decorate cupcakes. Insert candy shard into cupcake top. Add decorating candy.


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