Winter Wonderland Princess Castle

Winter Wonderland Princess Castle

Every princess deserves a castle to call her own. This holiday season decorate a gingerbread castle that is princess-worthy and sure to delight princesses of all ages! Stunning to display during the holidays or anytime of the year!
  • Skill LevelBeginner


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  1. Color gingerbread panels. Cover work surface with waxed paper, tape to secure.

    Use Pearl Color Mist to spray all panels evenly.

    Use back panel for the front of the castle. Use cardstock to make a door stencil 2 x 3 in. Cut top into a peak. Position stencil and hold in place; do not remove.

    Use Blue Color Mist to spray all panels. Concentrate color towards center.

    Use Violet Color Mist to spray all panels. Concentrate color in the outer 2 in. of each panel, blending into the blue.

    Remove door stencil. Use Pearl Color Mist to lightly spray all panels.

    Let all dry for about 15 to 25 minutes.

  2. Prepare fondant details. Roll out fondant using a 9 in. fondant roller with the pink guide rings.

    Cut the following shapes: Four 3/4 x 1 in. front and back windows. Four 1 x 2 in. side windows. Cut the tops into peaks. Two 1 x 1 1/2 in. back doors. Cut the tops into peaks. Four 1/2 in. side wall small diamonds. Two 3/4 in. side wall medium diamonds. Eight 1/2 in. small front and back wall triangles. Cover first with Blue Color Mist, followed by Pearl Color Mist. Four 3/4 in. front and back wall diamonds. Cover first with Blue Color Mist, followed by Pearl Color Mist. Separate snowflake sprinkles and spray blue sprinkles with Pearl Color Mist. Set aside.

  3. Prepare decorating bags. Assemble decorating bags with couplers. Fill one with blue icing, and one with white icing. Attach tip 3 to bag with blue icing. Outline the front door of the castle; immediately sprinkle with blue sugar.
  4. Assemble castle. Follow directions in package to assemble castle. Let dry 3 to 4 hours before further decorating.
  5. Decorate castle. Use spatula and blue icing to cover turrets. Sprinkle with white sparkling sugar. Switch white icing bag to tip 2. Pipe outline around all the windows and rear doors. Pipe beads on the peaks of windows and doors. Decorate castle with swirls and bead boarders. Attach tip 5 to the white bag, and pipe bead borders on the top and sides of the castle. Attach all fondant pieces to the castle using icing. Use tip 3 and blue icing to pipe a circle on the front door of the castle. Use tweezers to attach blue snowflake sprinkles to form a wreath and attach white snowflake sprinkles to front and back of castle.
  6. Decorate base. Use remaining white icing to spatula ice board. Sprinkle with white sparkling sugars, and position white and blue snowflake sprinkles on the board.


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