Ways to decorate a gingerbread house

Ways to decorate a gingerbread house

Learn different ways to decorate your gingerbread house. We show you how to add shutters, a candy roof, stained glass windows, and more details to your gingerbread house.


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  1. The down-home, warm, welcoming look of a log cabin can evoke fond memories of childhood holidays and simpler days of the past. This easy technique can transform gingerbread into a heirloom.

    Use a round decorating tip, hold bag at a 45? angle and touch tip to surface. As you squeeze out icing with a steady, even pressure, move tip in vertical direction, laying out a log of icing. To end log, stop squeezing, touch tip to surface and pull away. Repeat process until entire surface is covered.

  2. A walk through a winter wonderland has inspired the use of \"sponge\" icing. This creative icing technique can add the look of just-fallen snow look to any house setting.

    To achieve this look, crumble a paper towel and dip into icing. Immediately dab area on house to be covered. Note: This icing will dry quickly so add a small amount at a time until reaching desired look.

  3. A warm little refuge is nestled away, safe and sound, wrapped in the shelter of harboring fences. Pretzels, licorice twists, candy canes, marshmallows, wafer cookies and candy pebble stone are wonderful tools to use for fencing.

    Place the desired amount of pretzel sticks side-by-side in a vertical position. Use icing in bag fitted with a round decorating tip to horizontally secure rails. Let completely set.

  4. Nothing says \"welcome\" more than a meandering path leading to a gingerbread home. The message can be easily conveyed with mini gum pieces, licorice, candy wafers, mini candy discs, cinnamon candies, sprinkles and jelly candies.

    Outline pathway with round tip. Attach dots of icing to back of mini gum pieces and position for \"stones\".

  5. There's nothing more inviting than friends and family gathered around the warmth of a holiday fire. These memory-filled fireplaces are so easy to create with gumdrops, caramels, jelly candies, mini chocolate candies and mini gum pieces, to name a few.

    Outline fireplace/chimney area with a round decorating tip. Attach round jelly candies overlapping on surface with icing \"mortar\".

  6. Shutters can edge a window just as beautifully as a frame does a work of art. Choose sugar wafer cookies, striped and solid gum pieces, graham crackers and gumdrops for your masterpiece.

    Outline window with a round decorating tip. Cut ends of sugar wafer cookies on a 45? angle and attach to window with icing.

  7. It's a great idea to add interesting focal points away from the house. Lamp posts, sleds, children caroling and even festive trees of the season will draw attention to and create a unique personality for the home.

    Insert a peppermint stick into bottom of a large marshmallow. Use a small round decorating tip to outline panes of glass and to pipe in top of lamp (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch). Attach black gumball to top.

  8. Add definition and fun to gingerbread by \"painting\" melted candy on uncooked pasta, pretzel sticks, candy canes, gumballs and using them for accent pieces on the house.

    Melt Light Cocoa Candy Melts?* according to package directions. Dip Decorator Brush in melted candy and \"paint\" uncooked pasta; let dry, turn over and \"paint\" other side.


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