Vanilla Custard and Lemon Cupcakes

Vanilla Custard and Lemon Cupcakes

These Vanilla Custard and Lemon Cupcakes blossom with spring colors and flavors. A light lemon cake sits below a delicious Vanilla Custard Candy Melts Candy icing, making this cupcake perfect for Easter celebrations. Pipe icing using the rosette technique to create a delicious and festive garden of cupcakes!
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  1. Cupcakes:

    • 1 package (16.5 ounces) lemon cake mix
    • 1/2 cup sour cream
    • 1/2 cup water
    • 1/3 cup vegetable oil
    • 3 eggs


    • 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
    • 1 package (10 ounces) Wilton Limited Edition Vanilla Custard Candy Melts Candy
    • 2/3 cup solid vegetable shortening
    • 2 cups confectioners’ sugar (about 1/2 pound)

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  2. Preheat oven to 350°F. Line muffin pans with baking cups.
  3. In large bowl, beat cake mix, sour cream, water, vegetable oil and eggs with electric mixer at low speed 30 seconds. Scrape bottom and sides of bowl; beat at medium speed 2 minutes. Divide batter among prepared pans, filling about 2/3 full.
  4. Bake 18-20 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool in pan on cooling grid 5 minutes. Remove from pan; cool completely on grid.
  5. In medium microwave-safe container, combine Vanilla Custard Candy Melts Candy and heavy cream. Microwave at half (50%) power 1 minute. Microwave on 50% power in 30-second intervals, stirring between each, until melts are almost melted. Stir thoroughly until mixture is smooth.
  6. In large bowl, beat shortening with electric mixer until light and fluffy. Add Candy Melts mixture and beat until smooth. Gradually add confectioners’ sugar and beat until light and fluffy. Pipe or spread onto cooled cupcakes.


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