Valentine's Day Spritz Cookies

Valentine's Day Spritz Cookies

It's easy to show your love this Valentine's Day! Make a bunch of Spritz cookies using the Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II Cookie Press and decorate them with sprinkles and Candy Melts candy.
  • AmountEach cookie serves 1.


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  1. Make cookies. Prepare Spritz cookie dough following recipe directions. Use flower, bar, square and heart discs, cookie press and dough to press out shapes. On a few cookies, use sugars, heart sprinkles and nonpareils to cover cookies. Bake and cool cookies. Follow steps below to decorate additional cookies.
  2. Decorate sprinkle-coated cookies. Use brush to brush piping gel on cookies. Use sugars or nonpareils to cover cookies.
  3. Decorate candy-dipped cookies. Melt light cocoa, red, bright pink and bright white Candy Melts candy, separately, according to package directions. Use short dipping containers and melted candy to partially dip cookies. Use sprinkles and sugars to decorate cookies. Let set 3 to 5 minutes.
  4. Decorate candy-drizzled cookies. Use melted candy in cut parchment bags to drizzle or pipe details on cookies. Attach sugars and sprinkles to cookies.


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