Unwired Agave


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  1. Make smaller leaves. Tint 3 oz. (2 ? in. ball) gum paste green. Spread a thin coating of shortening on clean, smooth surface. Dust concave section of flower drying rack with cornstarch. Use fondant roller with pink guide rings to roll out gum paste 1/16 in. thick. Use ?H? cut-out to cut five leaves. Place leaves in flower former. Let dry completely overnight.
  2. Make larger leaves. Repeat Step 1 to make 10 ?I? cut-out leaves.
  3. Assemble plant. Roll a 1? in. ball of gum paste; flatten to a ? in. high mound. Using tapered spatula, make five cuts around the mound, ? in. up from bottom. Brush flat stem ends of five ?I? size leaves with gum glue adhesive; insert into mound. Repeat with another row of five ?I? size leaves, moving up on the mound and positioning between lower leaves. Use foam wedges or crumpled paper napkins to support leaves as needed for dimension. Repeat with final row of five ?H? size leaves. Let dry overnight.
  4. Highlight with color. Brush Color Dust accents on succulent leaves.
  5. Hints
    • If you have one, substitute the ? in. Ribbon Insertion Tool for the tapered spatula.
    • Leaves can also dry on the convex section of the flower drying rack.


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