Tulip Cake

Tulip Cake

Surprise the mom in your life with this stunning Tulip Cake. Beautiful buttercream tulips make this cake perfect for spring, and there is even room on the cake to personalize it, if so desired. Show Mom how much she means to you by making her this beautiful handmade cake!


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  1. NEEDED: See the Supply List for items you can purchase here. You will also need:
    • Your favorite cake mix or recipe (3 cups batter needed)
    • 5 small mixing bowls
  2. Tint icing. Portion icing into mixing bowls: 1/2 cup icing in each of four bowls and 1/4 cup in fifth bowl. Tint the 1/4 cup icing green by combining Ivory and Moss Green icing colors to achieve the color shown. Tint the remaining icing light burgundy, dark purple, light purple and ivory— combine Burgundy and Black icing colors to get dark purple and light purple shades shown.

    Prepare two decorating bags, one with coupler and one with tip 123. Fill each with ivory icing.

    Prepare a decorating bag with coupler and small mix of burgundy, dark purple and light purple icing (this will be used for all the centers of the purple and pink flowers). Prepare three decorating bags with tip 123 and two icing combinations of your choice (burgundy, dark purple, light purple and ivory icing).

    Prepare decorating bag with tip 352 and fill with green icing.

  3. Pipe tulips. Press 6-section flower template to nail. Attach pre-cut flower square to template with bit of icing.

    For Ivory Flowers:

    • Using tip 12, pipe small, flat mound of icing onto nail, about 5/8 inch wide and 1/2 inch high. Switch to tip 3 and pipe one pull-out dot in center, at least 3/4 inch high. Pipe six slightly shorter pull-out dots around center.
    • Switch to bag with tip 123. Hold bag at 45-degree angle at 3:00 with wide end of curved tip touching base. Place tip on one black line of template and squeeze bag. While squeezing, turn nail 1/3 around while moving hand up and down to form petal. Skip one black line, finish on next black line. Repeat two more times for a total of three petals.
    • For second row of petals, start at center of first row of petals and repeat same technique as first row. Remove flower. Set aside on cake circle.

    For Pink/Purple Flowers:

    • Use same techniques as ivory flowers, using multi-colored bag to pipe centers for all pink and purple flowers.
    • Pipe 12 to 15 flowers. Place in freezer to chill until ready to use.

    Helpful Hint: Use finger dipped in cornstarch to tap down any loose or unfinished edges on petals.

  4. Bake and cool cake. Use your favorite cake mix or recipe to make 3 cups of batter. Bake and cool a one-layer 6 inch cake.
  5. Ice cake. Tint 3-1/2 cups icing pale ivory. Use spatula to ice cake, smoothing top and making diagonal marks on sides.
  6. Decorate cake. Arrange flowers on cake. Make small mounds of icing to give height to some flowers.

    Dust 1/2 teaspoon Pink Sugar Pearls with Lilac Purple Pearl Dust. Sprinkle dusted Sugar Pearls and White Pearlized Jimmies around top edge of cake.

    Pipe tip 352 leaves around flowers. Using multi-colored bag with tip 8, pipe dots randomly around flower arrangement.


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