Tropical Coconut Cupcakes

Tropical Coconut Cupcakes

Take a bite out of summer with these Tropical Coconut Cupcakes. A fun treat for summer BBQ's, birthday parties or just whenever you just want to take a bite out of island living, these Tropical Coconut Cupcakes also feature a Shot Top topper, filled with whatever liquid you'd like! Rum, champagne or orange juice would be great for adding a little splash of flavor to these cupcakes, and guests are sure to get a kick out of these cute Shot Top coconut cupcakes.
  • AmountAbout 24 cupcakes


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  1. Bake cupcakes.

    Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool in white cupcake liners.

  2. Tint icing.

    Combine Royal Blue and Violet icing colors to get dark blue color shown. Combine Pink and Burgundy icing colors to get pink color shown. Using icing colors, tint 1 cup icing each yellow, orange and teal. Tint 1 cup icing each dark blue and pink using color combinations provided.

  3. Decorate cupcakes.

    Prepare decorating bags with tip 1M. Fill separately with tinted icing. Pipe 1M swirl on each cupcake; top with shaved coconut.

    Fill Shot Tops with liquid of your choice according to package directions; insert one Shot Top into each cupcake.


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