Train Cake

Train Cake

This All Aboard for Birthday Fun Cake is chugging on down the line, waiting to wish someone a very happy birthday! Decorated with shades of blue and teal icing, this 3-D cake is baked using the Train Cake Pan, which makes decorating quick and easy. Use meringue cookies to make the smoke coming out of the train and get ready for birthday fun!
  • Prep2hr 30 min
  • Skill LevelIntermediate
    AmountServes 12


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  1. Bake Cake. Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions.

    Prepare pan using Cake Release or shortening and flour.

    Pour batter into the prepared pan, overfilling front of pan.

    Assemble and tie the pan together with twine. Bake and cool according to package directions.

  2. Bake Meringues. Prepare meringue batter following recipe instructions.
  3. Trace Printable Cloud Pattern on backside of parchment paper. Repeat for a total of at least two clouds.
  4. Attach parchment paper, clean side up, to the cookie sheet using a dot of meringue batter in each corner of the pan.
  5. Prepare decorating bag with tip 2A and meringue batter. Following pattern, pipe smoke. Bake and cool following recipe instructions.
  6. Melt Drizzle Pouch according to package directions. Using melted candy, attach a lollipop stick to the back of the meringue cookie.
  7. Tint Icing. Tint ¾ cup icing teal, ½ cup medium blue, ¼ cup yellow, ½ cup light orange and ¼ cup bright green using color combinations provided.

    Using Pastel Green icing color, tint 1 cup icing pastel green.

    Combine Pastel Yellow and Pastel Pink icing colors to get light orange color shown.

    Combine Pastel Pink and Primary Blue icing colors to get medium blue color shown.

    Combine Pastel Yellow and Primary Yellow icing colors to get yellow color shown.

    Combine Pastel Yellow and Pastel Green icing colors to get bright green color shown.

    Combine Pastel Blue and drop of Pastel Green to get teal color shown.

  8. Prepare Bags. Prepare bags with the following tips and icing:

    Tip 5 and pastel green icing

    Tip 12 and medium blue icing

    Tip 5 and light orange icing

    Tip 8 and bright green icingTip 5 and yellow icing.

  9. Decorate Cake. Using a knife, trim the bottom of the cake to sit straight.

    Using teal icing and angled spatula, ice train top and engine smooth

    Using yellow icing with tip 5, pipe windows and top of smokestack. Smooth with spatula. Using the same bag, pipe outline around windows.

    Using bright green icing with tip 8, pipe band around top of train; smooth as needed

    Using bright green icing with tip 5 and pastel green icing with tip 5, pipe lines to cover smokestack. Using spatula, smooth colors together

    Using pastel green icing with tip 5, pipe horizontal lines on the bottom half of the body of the train and on the back engine.

    Using light orange icing with tip 5, pipe vertical lines on front of the train (cowcatcher).

    Using medium blue icing with tip 12, pipe wheels. Smooth using tapered spatula, leaving the center of wheels open. Pipe center using light orange icing with tip 5.

  10. Insert meringue cookies into top of smokestack.


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