Super Swirl Cookies

Super Swirl Cookies

Take your store-bought cookies from drab to fab with a little swirl of icing. These Super Swirl Cookies are great for birthday parties or if you are in need of a quick dessert. Tint icing to match your celebration and, in no time, you'll have a sweet treat that kids and adults will love! You can see these cookies and many more in the How to Decorate Cakes & Desserts kit, filled with lots of tutorials, inspiration and even a few must-have tools for cake decorating.
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  1. Tint Icing. Divide icing equally into three portions. Combine Orange and Christmas Red icing colors to get coral color shown. Combine Lemon Yellow with a touch of Golden Yellow to get bright yellow color shown. Combine Lemon Yellow with a touch of Moss Green icing colors to get bright green color shown. Tint one portion each coral, bright yellow and bright green using color combinations provided.
  2. Decorate cookies. Using spatula, ice top of cookie. Using tip of spatula, make swirl in icing, starting at outside edge and moving towards center. Repeat with remaining icing.


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