Sprinkle Gingerbread House

Sprinkle Gingerbread House

Looking to decorate a dressed-up version of a gingerbread house this year? Adding Wilton Sugars and Nonpareils Sprinkles Decorations, this house is sure to bring sparkle and fun to your holidays. Kids love helping adults decorate this house because it is so sweet!
  • Skill LevelBeginner


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  1. One day in advance, decorate house panels. Work one color sugar at a time. Apply sugar to icing and shake off excess into jelly roll pan. Roof: Use white icing to pipe vertical lines on roof panels. Repeat for each color on roof. Trees: Outline and fill in with white icing. Cover with dark green sugar, shake off excess. Pipe dots and attach jumbo nonpareils. House front: Spatula ice area under front peak with icing. Add jumbo nonpareils. Use white icing to outline door and pipe e-motion around front door; pipe dot doorknob. All windows: Fill in windows on sides and back panels. Cover in light green sugar, shake off excess. Use white icing to outline windows and attach jumbo nonpareils.
  2. Assemble house. Use icing and helpful instruction sheet in kit to assemble house. Let dry 4 hours before further decorating.
  3. Outline house. Use icing to pipe zigzags at corners of house and on front eaves.
  4. Decorate roof. Use white icing to pipe line on roof peak, add red sugar.
  5. Decorate base. Use spatula and icing to ice base and create pathway.


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