Rustic Color Mist Gingerbread House

Rustic Color Mist Gingerbread House

Plaid roof, pine tree, tree branch garland and moose antlers add natural appeal and holiday charm to this gingerbread house design. Follow the instructions to create the stencils, spray with Wilton Color Mist Food Color Spray, and decorate using simple icing techniques. This earthy element gingerbread house will be your favorite this holiday season.
  • Skill LevelBeginner


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  1. Decorate roof. Make roof stencil. Tape parchment paper to cake board. Place one roof panel on board and mark ½ in. sections using either floral tape or strips of paper. Tape strips down vertically on roof panel. Spray with Red Color Mist. Let dry 4 to 5 minutes. Apply several coats, waiting 4 to 5 minutes between applications. When desired shade is achieved, let dry 10 minutes. Repeat for second roof panel. Tape roof panels for horizontal lines. Repeat process. Set aside.
  2. Make Tree. Make tree stencil. Trace tree cookie cutter onto piece of parchment paper. Place paper on cake board and cut out tree using craft knife. Place house front panel on cake board. Use one hand to hold pattern in place and other hand to spray inside of tree stencil with green Color Mist. Repeat coats until desired shade is achieved.
  3. Make windows. Make window stencil. Place parchment paper over side panels and use ruler and pencil to mark windows. Remove paper and cut out window areas. Use one hand to hold parchment paper stencil in place and other hand to spray inside of windows with gold Color Mist. Repeat coats until desired shade is achieved.
  4. Assemble house. Use white icing in kit and helpful instruction sheet to assemble house. Dry 4 hours before further decorating.
  5. Outline house. Use white icing to pipe lines at corners of house and under eaves.
  6. Decorate house. Use chocolate icing and tip 5 to outline windows and to outline and fill in door. Pat smooth. Outline door and pipe door decorations. Use tip 3 and chocolate icing to pipe tree branches and moose antlers.
  7. Decorate base. Use spatula and white icing to ice base. Position house on iced base.


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