Rosy Rosette Cookies

Rosy Rosette Cookies

Dress up your favorite store-bought sugar cookies with a beautiful magenta rosette. Tint two portions of icing different shades of magenta, then use a spatula to stripe a decorating bag to get a unique icing effect when you pipe. You can see these cookies and many more in the How to Pipe Simple Icing Flowers kit, filled with lots of tutorials, inspiration and even a few must-have tools to make your treats blossom.
  • Skill LevelBeginner
    Amount12 cookies


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  1. Tint icing. Tint 1½ cups icing medium purple and ½ cup icing medium magenta using color combinations provided. Combine Rose and touch of Violet icing colors to get medium purple color shown. Combine Rose and touch of Sky Blue icing colors to get medium magenta color shown.
  2. Decorate cookies. Prepare decorating bag with tip 2C. Using spatula, stripe decorating bag with magenta icing. Prepare uncut bag with medium purple icing. Cut 1¼ in. tip in bag. Carefully squeeze icing into bag with medium magenta icing. Pipe rosette on each cookie.


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