Rosy Mother's Day Cake

Rosy Mother's Day Cake

Nothing says "I love you" like a homemade cake, and what better way to show mom what she means to you than with this Rosy Mother's Day Cake? Topped with beautiful buttercream flowers and decorated with pink and purple candy shards, this lovely Mother's Day dessert is bound to be one edible arrangement mom will love! Layer icing colors in your decorating bags to make your roses look like they're actually blooming, and get ready to wow with this Rosy Mother's Day Cake.


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  1. Melt candy.

    Melt Candy Melts candy according to package instructions. Alternate dropping small amounts of melted Bright White, Bright Pink, Pink and Lavender candy on jelly roll pan; spread thin using spatula. Pour remaining melted Bright White candy in jelly roll pan; tap to settle. Chill until set, about 15 to 20 minutes.

  2. Bake cakes.

    Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool two cake layers. Level layers to 2½ in. for 5 in. high cake. Using creamy white icing, ice cake smooth.

  3. Tint icing.

    Using decorator icing and icing colors, tint icing as follows:

    • Combine Burgundy and Violet icing colors to get light burgundy color shown.
    • Combine Violet and Burgundy icing colors to get light violet color shown.
    • ¼ cup icing moss green
    • ½ cup icing aster mauve
    • ½ cup icing burgundy
    • ½ cup icing ivory
    • Also tint ½ cup icing light violet and ½ cup icing light burgundy using color combinations provided

    Using creamy white decorator icing and Juniper Green icing color, tint 1 cup icing green.

  4. Pipe flowers.

    Prepare decorating bag with juniper green icing; cut medium hole in tip. Roughly pipe top of cake with green icing, varying texture and pressure throughout.

    Prepare five decorating bags with tips 104, 3 and 12. For tip 104 bags, fill one with ivory and small parts light violet and light burgundy. Fill one with light violet and small parts ivory and light burgundy. Fill one with light burgundy and small parts light violet and ivory.

    For tip 3 and 12 bags, fill randomly with aster mauve, burgundy, ivory, light violet and light burgundy icing. Set bag with tip 3 aside for later step.

    Using tips 104 and 12, flower nail, flower making squares and flower templates, pipe 8 to 10 roses. Remove from nail and place directly on cake.

    Prepare another decorating bag with tip 14 and ivory icing. Pipe groups of stars to fill in extra spaces between roses. Using reserved bag with tip 3, pipe dots on center of each star.

    Prepare another decorating bag with tip 1M. Fill with ivory and light burgundy icing. Pipe stars to fill in extra spaces.

    Prepare another decorating bag with tip 352. Fill with juniper green and moss green icing. Pipe leaves around flowers.

  5. Decorate cake.

    Using sharp knife, break candy bark into large shards, approximately 2 in. wide and varying in height from 4½ in. to 7 in. tall. Attach shards around cake.

    Using remaining icing, pipe various leaves and stars to fill in any extra space.


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