Red and Gold Mini Whoopie Pies

Red and Gold Mini Whoopie Pies

Whether it's a high school football game or an end-of-season big league showdown, these cute Red and Gold Mini Whoopie Pies are a great way to show off your team spirit! Even if your colors aren't red and gold, you can use the Color Right Performance Color System and Color Mist to create your own favorite color combinations.
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  1. Bake whoopie pies. Prepare batter following recipe instructions. Divide batter in half. Tint batter following color formulas provided. Transfer individually to decorating bags; cut medium tip in each bag. Pipe red batter into mini muffin pan, about 2 teaspoons per cavity; repeat with the remaining untinted batter. Bake and cool following recipe instructions.

    Use Gold Color Mist Food Coloring to spray the untinted cakes gold.

    Use Color Right base colors and QuickCount color formulas to tint batter in the following shades:

    • Spirit Red: 2 cups batter + 50R
    • Save the remaining batter
  2. Decorate whoopie pies. Mix red and gold sugars together in small bowl. Set aside.

    Prepare decorating bag with tip 2A and white icing. Pipe icing on bottom of red or gold cake, making sure icing reaches outer edge of cake. Top with cake of opposite color. Roll edges of icing in sprinkle mixture.


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