Pixel Painted Birthday Cake

Pixel Painted Birthday Cake

Bits of color come together in an electric way on this amazing cake! Use Color Right colors mixed with water to paint a fondant strip in various levels of intensity, then cut thin strips of the pattern to create the wave effect around the cake.
  • Amount20 Servings


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    1. Tint ultra-concentrated icing. Use Color Right base colors and QuickCount color formula to tint icing in the following shade:

    ? Neon Purple: 1/4 cup white icing + 6 B + 2 R + 18 P

    2. Mix ultra-concentrated icing with white icing.

    ? For neon purple, mix 3 teaspoons of ultra-concentrated icing into 1/2 cup white icing.

    Reserve 3 ¼ CUPS Icing white.

    Edible Paint

    Use Color Right base colors to make edible paint in the following shades. Mix colors in candy melting plate cavities and make light, medium and dark shades in each color. To create lighter variations of each shade, start with 1 or 2 drops of base color and add water to lighten.

    ? Pink: 1 or 2 P + water

    ? Purple: 1 or 2 P + 1 or 2 B + water

    ? Black: 1 or 2 BK + water

    ? Teal: 1 or 2 B + 1 or 2 Y + water

    ? Blue: 1 or 2 B + water

  2. Make layered cake.

    Bake and cool three 10.75 in. x 7.8 in. cake layers.

  3. Prepare icing.

    Tint icing following color formula. Reserve neon purple and remaining white icing.

  4. Assemble and ice cake. Fill and stack cakes on cake plate for a 3-layer cake, 6 in. high. Use spatula and white icing to ice cake smooth.
  5. Make fondant pixel design.

    Tint dark, medium and light edible paint colors in candy melting plate following formulas above.

    Roll out fondant 1/8 in. thick Cut a strip 31 in. long x 4 in. wide. Use dusting brush to brush strip with water. Use decorating brushes to paint lines of various widths across long end of strip, alternating colors and shades as you move down the strip. Leave some lines white. Let dry, about 30 minutes.

  6. Cut fondant strips.

    Use fondant trimmer to cut painted design into vertical strips, 4 in. high x 3/8 in. wide. Use damp brush to attach one strip even with bottom of cake. Attach next strip 3/8 in. above the end of first strip. Continue attaching strips 3/8 in. above the previous one until top of strip is even with cake top.

    Attach first strip of next group, 3/8 in. below the previous strip. Repeat to make ascending and descending sections around side of cake.

  7. Decorate message. Transfer message pattern to cake top. Prepare a disposable decorating bag with tip 3 and coupler; fill with neon purple icing. Pipe message using tip 3. For thicker areas of letters, overpipe with tip 5.


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