Nautical Nibbles Mini Beach Cupcakes

Nautical Nibbles Mini Beach Cupcakes

Learn how to make mini cupcakes with these cute Nautical Nibbles Mini Beach Cupcakes. Great for taking with you on picnics, boat rides or even water side 4th of July parties, these mini cupcakes combine the best of Americana patriotism with nautical living. With fun and easy cupcake ideas like this, you're sure to have a summer celebration worth remembering!
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  1. Ingredients:

    • Favorite cupcake recipe or mix (4½ to 5 cups batter needed for 48 cupcakes)
    • White Ready-to-Use Decorator Icing 1 lb. can (2 cups needed)


    • Anchor Mini Baking Cups
    • 24-Cup Mini Muffin Pan
    • Cooling Grid
    • 9 in. Angled Spatula
    • Disposable Decorating Bags
    • Round Decorating Tip 4
    • Anchor Royal Icing Decorations


    • Buttercream Rope
  2. Bake cupcakes.

    Bake and cool cupcakes in anchor liners.

  3. Decorate cupcakes.

    Ice cupcakes smooth. Prepare decorating bag with tip 4 and white icing. Pipe buttercream rope border around edge of cupcake. Top with anchor icing decoration.


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