My Turn to Teach Cake

My Turn to Teach Cake

Is your graduate about to embark on an educational adventure of their own? Wish them luck with this My Turn to Teach Cake. Made to look like a cute mortarboard with a fondant tassel, this graduation cake can be customized to say whatever you like. Use the Color Right Performance Color System to create a rich variety of icing colors to perfectly customize your cake to suit your occasion.
  • Skill LevelIntermediate


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  1. Bake cake. Prepare cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool one cake layer.
  2. Prepare icing. Prepare two recipes buttercream icing following recipe instructions. Tint 3 cups icing royal blue and ¼ cup icing each red, yellow and green using color combinations provided.

    • Royal Blue: 3 cups white icing + 60B + 75P
    • Red: ¼ cup white icing + 10R
    • Yellow: ¼ cup white icing + 4Y + 1O
    • Green: ¼ cup white icing + 8B + 14Y
      • Reserve remaining icing white.

      • Ice cake. Using spatula and blue icing, ice cake smooth.
      • Tint fondant. Tint 1½ oz. fondant yellow using color combination provided. Yellow: 1 ½ oz. white fondant + 2Y + touch of O (use toothpick to add small amount of Orange to fondant).

        Using fondant roller with pink guide rings, roll out yellow fondant. Cut to 2½ in. x 3 in. in size. Using pastry wheel, cut fringe (strips measuring about 1/8 in. in width), leaving about ½ in. at top connected.

        Using damp brush, dampen ½ in. piece at top. Roll fondant to form tassel.

        Using remaining fondant, roll two ropes, about ¼ in. thick. Twist together. Trim to 6 ½ in. long rope. Make small button, about ¾ in. across.

        Position end of rope (without tassel) in center of cake. Attach button on top, using damp brush to adhere, if necessary. Let rope drape down side of cake. Attach tassel to end of rope with a damp brush.

      • Decorate cake. Prepare three decorating bags with tip 3. Fill separately with red, yellow and green icing. Prepare another decorating bag with tip 5 and white icing.

        Using white icing, pipe message on cake. Using red, green and yellow icing, pipe letters and apple on cake.


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