How to Pipe Apple Blossoms

How to Pipe Apple Blossoms

This 5-petal springtime flower, most commonly seen in white or soft pink, is virtually the same petal shape as the wild rose, but uses a smaller tip creating a petite flower. The dot stamen are typically positioned like the holes in a 5-hole button. Dry them on flower formers for a more natural look.
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  1. Tint medium consistency icing for petals, if desired, and a small amount of icing with Lemon Yellow Icing Color for flower center. Fit one decorating bag with petal decorating tip 101 and fill 1/2 full or less with petal tinted icing. Fit second decorating bag with round decorating tip 1 and fill 1/4 full or less with yellow tinted icing.
  2. Attach flower nail template, if using, to Flower Nail. Using a dot of icing, attach icing flower square to flower nail.
  3. Hold the decorating bag with tip 101 at a 45°angle at 3:00 (9:00 for left-handed decorators) with wide end of tip lightly touching the center of the nail; narrow end is pointing out and angled 1/8 in. above the nail surface. Using consistent pressure, move tip away from the center about 1/8 in. and back as you spin the nail 1/5 turn; relax pressure as you move back to the center of the nail, allowing the movement of the nail to form the first petal. Stop squeezing; pull tip away.
  4. Start second petal with the wide end of the tip lightly touching the center of the nail; narrow end, slightly upward and next to the previous petal. Pipe petal as in Step 3. Repeat to form the remaining three petals. The center of the third petal should be positioned halfway around the flower nail base.
  5. For flower center, hold decorating bag with yellow icing and tip 1 at a 90° angle, slightly above the center of the flower petals. Pipe five dots, one in the center and four around the center dot.
  6. Remove flower on flower square from flower nail. For a more natural shape, place in the small concave portion of the Wave Flower Former to dry overnight.
  7. Hints:

    Flowers may be dried flat or on cake boards overnight.

    The angle of the narrow end of the tip will cause more or less of a cupped petal effect.


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