How to Pipe a Star

How to Pipe a Star

One of the most popular techniques, stars come in a range of sizes and styles. Experiment with open and closed stars for variation in look. The star technique is timeless and can be used as a classic border or as a stunning fill-in for the top of a dessert.


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  1. Using a decorating bag fitted with a star tip, hold the bag straight up, with the tip just slightly above the surface.
  2. Squeeze the bag to form a star. Use light pressure to form a small star; add more pressure to make a bigger star.
  3. Stop squeezing before pulling tip away.
  4. To create a pull-out star, form the star, then continue squeezing and pull tip up and away. Decrease pressure as you reach the desired length.

    Hint: See your project instructions for the correct size tip to use.

    • For a small star, try using Tip 13
    • For a larger standard star, try using Tip 22
    • For an extra-large star, try using tip 1M or 4B


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