How to Make Fondant Blossom Flowers

How to Make Fondant Blossom Flowers

Add dimension to blossom cut-outs using a few simple steps to create beautiful, lifelike flowers. While this technique can be used for fondant alone, you will get a more noticeable cupped look by adding Gum-Tex to fondant before rolling out.


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  1. Roll out fondant to an even thickness using the pink guide rings. Dust the top with a little cornstarch or confectioners? sugar as you roll out (this will help make neat cut-outs).
  2. Press the cut-out into the at piece of fondant.
  3. Pull the cut-out away from the fondant and eject the flower onto the foam square.
  4. Using the small end of the Ball Tool, press on the center of the flower to create a cupped shape.
  5. Move finished flower to a cake board or a clean, surface to dry. Dry thoroughly (about 24 hours) before applying to a cake or a treat.


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