How to Make a Fondant Inlay

How to Make a Fondant Inlay

Making seamless fondant effects and patterns, like stripes and dots, is easy when using the fondant inlay technique. You can make hundreds of combinations using the fondant overlay technique. Try using this technique with alphabet cutters to make monograms for personalized toppers.


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  1. Fill-in Inlay
    Start with at least two colors of rolled out fondant, and at least two shaped cut-outs. One cut-out should be smaller than the other.
  2. Using the first fondant color, cut out a base shape using the bigger cut-out. Cut a smaller shape inside the base shape using the smaller cut-out. Lift out the piece using a toothpick.
  3. Using the second fondant color, cut out an inlay shape using the same smaller cut-out. This will be used to fill in the base shape.
  4. Place the contrasting color piece or pieces inside the base shape.
  5. Smooth the edges of the inlay with a damp fingertip to help the pieces stick together.
  6. Rolled Inlay
    Start with at least two colors of rolled out fondant. Using a ruler and a knife (or pizza cutter), cut even strips of fondant in one color.
  7. Place strips on top of the rolled out base color, using even spacing to create a striped effect.
  8. Place a piece of wax paper or parchment paper on top of your fondant. Using the fondant roller, roll lightly to embed the strips onto the base. Don?t use too much pressure or the stripe colors will become warped.
  9. Use your choice of cut-out to make a shape with a striped pattern.


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