How to Make Drizzled Decorations with Candy Melts

How to Make Drizzled Decorations with Candy Melts

Easily dress up treats like strawberries, cookies or pretzels. Simply drizzle directly on the treat, or dip the treat first to cover with candy, then add a candy drizzle accent.
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  1. Prepare treats to be drizzled. If drizzling fruit, wash and dry thoroughly. Dip in candy, if desired.
  2. Place treats on parchment lined cookie sheet or over parchment. Place Candy Melts in a disposable decorating bag, parchment bag, or Cookie Decorating Bottle and melt. Cut a small hole in the tip of bag. Drizzle strings of melted candy from bag. You can also drizzle candy from a Candy Melts Drizzle Pouch. Just melt, cut off a small corner of the pouch and squeeze to drizzle. Keep in mind the amount of pressure placed on the bag or pouch will determine the thickness of the drizzle. Chill until firm, 3-5 minutes.
  3. Optional: To create a chevron effect, drag a toothpick through the freshly drizzled lines, first in an upward direction, then downward. Chill until firm.


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