How to Make a Candy Roof

How to Make a Candy Roof

Candy Melts make ideal shingles for your gingerbread house roof. Alternating Candy Melt colors will create an impressive pattern as you layer on the rows.
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  1. Using royal icing and a decorating bag fitted with round tip 5, pipe a horizontal zigzag line beginning at the bottom edge of the roof panel.
  2. Position Candy Melts in a row on top of the zigzag line of icing. If necessary, use a paring knife to trim down the last Candy Melt in the row before attaching it so it does not hang over the roof panel edge.
  3. Repeat with another zigzag line of icing just above the first row of Candy Melts.
  4. Position a second row of Candy Melts on top of the zigzag line, staggering the discs so each one in the second row slightly overlaps two Candy Melts in the previous row. Use a Candy Melt trimmed in half to fill in the space at the edge of the roof where the row begins.
  5. Repeat with additional horizontal zigzag lines and rows of Candy Melts, staggering and slightly overlapping the Candy Melts in the previous row, until the entire roof panel is covered.


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