Gum Paste Carnation

Gum Paste Carnation

A dazzling multi-layered flower that will create an amazing cake-top bouquet.


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  1. Spread thin film of shortening on Roll & Cut Mat. Roll out a small piece of white gum paste less than 1/16 in. thick. Cut 5 or 6 circles for each carnation using the medium Round Cut-Out. Place 1 circle on thin foam dusted with Dusting Pouch; place others under Practice Board flap. Holding small end of veining tool like a pencil, press heel down at edge of circle and pull out to form a ruffle.
  2. Continue all the way around circle. Overlap impressions to create a torn ruffled look. Repeat for 2 more ruffled circles.
  3. Brush center of Carnation Base with gum glue adhesive. Gently press 1 ruffled circle on top of base to attach. Repeat with other 2 ruffled circles.
  4. Make more ruffled circles following previous steps. Attach each immediately after it is ruffled, until flower is complete. To help place the last petal, fold it around tip of veining tool before inserting petal into center.


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