Great Outdoors Gingerbread Camper

Great Outdoors Gingerbread Camper

Add to the fun of your gingerbread house decorating by parking a gingerbread camper in the scene. Kit includes icing and candy to decorate the cutest camper ever. It's a fun add on gingerbread kit to display with your gingerbread house under the Christmas tree or on your Christmas dessert table.
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  1. Ice camper. Use spatula and white icing to ice bottom side of camper, door and window. Pat smooth. Use green icing to pipe lines on top half of camper.
  2. Decorate camper. Use black icing to outline window, door and trim at middle section of camper side. Attach candy for doorknob, wreath and around window. Use green icing to pipe garland on sides. Attach candy.
  3. Make wheel. Use black icing to pipe in wheel. Attach candy to center of wheel.
  4. Repeat to decorate other side of camper, omitting the door.


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