Go for the Goalie Soccer Cake

Go for the Goalie Soccer Cake

Whether you are a die-hard World Cup fan or you just like kicking a ball around the backyard with friends and family, this Go for the Goalie Soccer Cake is sure to score with soccer fans of all ages. Colorful nonpareils help give this soccer ball cake color and texture.
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  1. Ingredients:

    • Favorite cake mix or recipe (4½ to 5 cups batter needed)
    • Nonpareils 6-Mix Sprinkle Assortment
    • Buttercream Icing Recipe (3 cups needed)


    • Soccer Ball Pan
    • Cooling Grid
    • Craft knife
    • 10 in. Cake Circle
    • 9 in. Angled Spatula
    • Cookie Pan
    • Disposable Decorating Bags
    • Round Decorating Tip #6
  2. Bake and cool cake.

    Bake and cool soccer ball cake. Use craft knife to cut cake circle same size as cake. Place cooled cake on board.

  3. Decorate cake.

    Prepare buttercream icing. In small bowl mix together yellow, purple and green nonpareils. With spatula, ice top pentagon with buttercream. Place cake over cookie pan. Gently press handfuls of nonpareils to iced section of cake. Repeat with side of cake, icing and decorating one section at a time.

    Helpful Hint: Raise cake up on a sturdy bowl to make it easier to apply nonpareils to bottom of cake.

    Lightly crumb coat remainder of cake. Prepare decorating bag with tip 6 and buttercream icing. Outline edges of pentagon shapes, then pipe vertical lines to fill in remaining pentagons.

    Makes 12 servings.


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